€39 All included!

What’s included?

  • Guided walking tour
  • Street food samples
  • Seasonal dessert
  • 2 Drinks
  • Food Passport
  • 3-day cancellation policy

Key information

  • 7 pm
  • Teatro Massimo
  • 3 hrs
  • Max 12
  • English
  • Adaptable for vegetarians
  • 3-day cancellation policy

Tour description

The night food tour of Palermo takes travellers around the intricate dark alleys of the modern port La Cala and the busy nightlife area of La Vucciria. Streaty guides take travellers to Palermo street food places selected for the authenticity of the recipe and the story that lies behind their family business. The Palermo night scene is different from the morning one. On the Palermo night food tour travellers will have the chance to try baked delis at traditional rosticcerias and taste the daily selection of challenging food cooked on barbecues (eg. veal intestine and spring onion). Some major Palermo street food specialty can’t be missed, such as the panelle chickpea fritters or the mint and potato crocchè. Needless to say, drinks come along with food…and what’s better than some refreshing beer!
Not only food! Beside traditional cuisine, the Palermo night walking tour is also a chance to discuss other topics, such as history, arts, daily habits, social and controversial issues (eg. mafia, trash and politics). We do this in order to give a complete overview of the local culture. Streaty guides keep a laid-back attitude with the travellers making them feel as friends visiting the town.
The Palermo night street food walking tour achieves its sweet peak in the elegant scenery of piazza San Domenico where foodies will finally sip a glass of dessert wine and devour the legendary brioche col gelato!
A night food tour of Palermo is a great option for travellers who want to skip the morning summer heat . It is also especially recommended for bachelor or hen parties!

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