What’s included?

  • Guided walking tour
  • Street food samples
  • Seasonal dessert
  • 2 Drinks
  • 72 hr cancellation policy
  • 10% discount on more tours
Fast booking
Safe payment
Flexible cancellation

Key information

  • From April to October at 6.30 pm
  • Meet us at Teatro Massimo
  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • Small group: Max 12
  • English
  • Free Cancellation up to 72 hrs before the tour starts

Dietary Accomodations

  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Suitable for pescatarians
  • Vegan, gluten / dairy free options not available

Tour description

Do you want to skip the summer morning heat and have a relaxing evening walk? Would you like to make it complete by enjoying some delicious street food? We’ve got you covered! Come join our night street food tour of Palermo. We will walk you around the backstreets of the old city center to devour a wide range of traditional Sicilian street foods carefully selected by our local guides.

What you’ll do

The Palermo night food tour is a perfect way to kick off your visit to Palermo as it provides a food and cultural overview of the city. It starts with a welcome drink. You will raise your Sicilian sparkling wine as our host serves an interesting selection of Sicilian bruschetta. This happens at our favorite wine bar where we normally gather to design new tours or celebrate birthdays. After this warm-up stop, we will push you into the most vibrant street food area of Palermo to try some unique night-time bites. We will take you to our favorite street food vendors like the legendary Mr Rocky and only eat what they make best.
The Palermo night tour of street food isn’t just about food. You will get a cultural walking tour, a food experience, and a night out with new friends from all over the world…all wrapped in one! Three intense hours with a local laid-back guide with the purpose of feeling and understanding the city life. You will get interesting insights into the city life and guide’s funny stories. This tour is also a great option for solo travelers who want to make new friends! The Palermo night food tour starts from Teatro Massimo and ends in piazza Fonderia, near the old port.

What you’ll eat

The Palermo night street food tour is your chance to try the rare rascatura croquette, crunchy fritters, the soft Sicilian pizza, the super sexy crostino with ham, and of course, just like it happens on all Streaty tours… some challenging bites! Be ready for it. You have two drinks included, a glass of Sicilian wine and another of your choice. The Palermo night street food walking tour ends at our favorite Gelateria, where only the toughest foodies can manage to survive the huge brioche col gelato!
Must know: Traditional Sicilian street food is Fat, often Fried and Full of carbs. We simply offer what locals eat. Wanna know more about street food in Palermo? take a look at our blog.

Why join this tour

ESCAPE the morning heat and enjoy a relaxing backstreet walk with a local

TASTE some interesting night specialties you would hardly find (or try) on your own

DEVOUR a seasonal dessert at our favorite pastry shop

FEED your curiosity about food, history and controversial topics

MEET the vendors and make new friends with other travelers!

GET the best tips to enjoy Palermo and avoid tourist traps

Is this the right tour for you?

✅ This is the perfect tour for foodie travelers who want to try new flavors, learn about local culture and make new friends.
This tour is not suitable for:

  • Travelers with limited standing or walking capacity. Seats are not guaranteed during the tastings.
  • Children and infants
  • Picky eaters or travelers eating low carb diet (We only offer what locals eat).
  • Vegan and travelers allergic to dairy or gluten.

For a more comfortable experience with guaranteed seats, we suggest joining our Ultimate Sicilian Cuisine & Wine Tour of Palermo.

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