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These general conditions form an integral part of the online contract of sale stipulated between the buyer, which will be referred to below as the “Purchaser”, and the company Streaty Tours s.r.l.s. and regulate its preliminary stages, its settlement and its enforcement.

By ticking the box “I accept the terms and conditions” during the online purchase procedure, the Purchaser accepts all the proposed contractual conditions shown below. In the absence of the declared acceptance of the General Conditions and the Privacy Policy, it will not be possible to complete the online purchase procedure.

Streaty Tours s.r.l.s. reserves the right to modify the General Conditions at any time and without notice. In any case, the changes will have no value on the purchase orders received and concluded before the publication of the changes on the website.

By accepting the General Conditions and sending the purchase order, the Purchaser gives consent for all communications to be sent and received by e-mail. The Purchaser will also be responsible for the correctness of the e-mail address provided and for all information entered in the purchase order.

This agreement is governed by Legislative Decree 206/2005 of Codice del Consumo (Italian Consumer Code), by Legislative Decree 79/2011 of Codice del Turismo (Italian Tourism Code) and by Legislative Decree 70/2003 concerning electronic commerce and, in any case, by the Italian legal system.

For any questions regarding the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, complaints, warranties, privacy, notice of termination, cancellation and refund, the Purchaser should contact:

Streaty Tours s.r.l.s.

Via Principe Di Belmonte, 93

90139 – Palermo

phone number: +39 351. 5133552



These contractual rules apply to the offer of single tourist services that cannot be considered as a tourist package.


Streaty Tours srls also provides single tourist services. The “core business” of Streaty Tours srls is represented by gastronomic guided tours. Specifically, Streaty Tours Srls offers group-walking tours designed for tourists with qualified and authorised tour guides. The tours take place in an urban context (old town centre) and include, in addition to the standard tourist guide service, a taste itinerary of typical local dishes.


The publications of information and services through website do not constitute a binding offer in accordance with art. 1336 of Codice Civile (Italian Civil Code).

By sending the purchase order of the chosen tourist service, the Purchaser declares to have fully accepted these General Conditions of Sale and to have read all the information contained in the “Tour Policy” on the page with the individual description of each tour. The contract of sale of each single tour will be considered settled between the Parties when the Purchaser receives the order confirmation e-mail from the Seller containing the summary of the purchase order made by the Purchaser and, in any case, implies that the purchased service has been paid.


To purchase Tours, the Purchaser must fill out and submit the order form in an electronic format, following the steps and the instructions found on the website. The Purchaser must add the product to the “Carrello”, enter the requested data and, after having read the Conditions of Sale and the Privacy Policy and confirmed their acceptance, must select the desired payment method and confirm the order. The amount displayed to the Purchaser in this last phase will be the total amount due in relation to the Order that is about to be carried out.

While filling out the form and before submitting the purchase order, the Purchaser will be able to detect and correct any mistakes. If, after submitting the purchase order, the Purchaser realizes that the entered information is incorrect, he will promptly contact Streaty Tours srls, which will correct it as per new indications provided by the Purchaser. Once the purchase order has been received, Streaty Tours srls will send an order confirmation e-mail.


The payment of the chosen tourist services can be performed through one of the following systems:

– PayPal

– Credit card

– Bank transfer

No fees are charged for payments through credit card and PayPal. On its website, Streaty Tour srls does not use any pre-established options that the Purchaser (consumer) must refuse in order to avoid paying fees or additional costs.

Streaty Tours srls can add, delete or suspend one or more payment methods at any time, and in any case the payment methods that can be used from time to time are those that appear at checkout.


Gastronomic tours are not accessible to people in wheelchairs and/or people with reduced mobility. Sitting is never guaranteed during the tour. The gastronomic offer is not suitable for vegans, celiacs and people with an allergy to dairy products.


After purchasing the tourist service, Streaty Tours srls will communicate the “meeting point”, from where the Tour will start, to the Purchaser. Streaty guides will wait for any latecomers no more than ten minutes, after which the tour will begin and a second chance to reach the group will not be guaranteed. In case of delays, the Purchaser is not entitled to get a refund or compensation.


The Purchaser (consumer) can terminate the purchase of the tourist service up to 3 days before the tour without penalties and without having to specify any reason. Beyond that term, the Purchaser (consumer) loses the right to terminate the purchased service and the amount paid at the time of purchase will be entirely withheld as a cancellation penalty by Streaty Tours srls. Tourist services purchased less than 3 days before their performance exclude any possibility of termination or cancellation. See also Payment and refund page.

In case of termination, Streaty Tours srls will refund the Purchaser (consumer) on the same means of payment and, if not possible, the consumer will be invited by Streaty Tours srls to provide a different means to receive the refund.

The Purchaser (professional) is not allowed to terminate the purchased service.

The Purchaser (consumer or professional) who purchases a tourist service for himself and/or for other people can replace one or more of them with others up to 3 days before the tour. The replacement of one or more of the participants is not allowed less than 3 days before the chosen gastronomic tour.   


Taste itineraries include street sellers, taverns, fried-food shops and family-run delis. Streaty Tours srls is not responsible for the quality of the food and drinks offered during the itinerary. The suppliers of food and drinks are the sole responsible for the preparation, storage and sale of food products, but also the respect of health & safety regulations (eg. covid19 measures). The Purchaser is aware that Streaty has neither the duty nor the responsibility to supervise compliance with legal standards related to the preparation, storage and sale of food and the respect of anti-covid19 regulations.

When purchasing the gastronomic tour, the Purchaser is informed and is therefore aware that: Italian street food is mostly fried; some street specialties contain veal entrails; most food contains gluten and/or dairy products; street food is consumed with hands and napkins (no cutlery).

The Purchaser is also aware that in order to take part in the gastronomic Tour it is compulsory to inform the staff of Streaty Tours srls about any food intolerance or allergy.

By accepting these contractual conditions, the Purchaser declares to relieve Streaty Tours srls, its staff and its guides, of any responsibility for any accident, theft, loss of personal items, illness or death, occurring during the tour or arising after participation.

We kindly ask you to read carefully this page. You will be asked to accept Streaty Tours’ policy before completing your order. Feel free to contact us for further inquiries! 

Disclaimer of liability
You hereby accept to join Streaty tours at your own risk. By accepting these contractual conditions, the Purchaser declares to relieve Streaty Tours srls, its staff and its guides, of any responsibility for any accident, theft, loss of personal items, illness or death, occurring during the tour or arising after participation. At the time of booking you are asked to provide information regarding your dietary restrictions and allergies. It is in your interest to provide this information.


ODR platform is an access point for users who wish to settle the litigations arised from online sale or service contracts out of court. In compliance with current legislation, Streaty Tours srls points out to the Purchaser that the European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution, accessible via the following link:

The certified e-mail address of Streaty Tours srls that the Purchaser will have to provide to the arbitration office in order to set up the procedure is


The parties declare they choose the law of the Italian Republic as the law applicable to the contract and to the obligations deriving from it. Thus, they will entirely refer to the Italian judicial system for anything not expressly provided for in this contract.

The civil disputes between Streaty Tours srls and the Purchaser (consumer) related to the enforcement, interpretation and execution of the online purchase and sale contracts via website are subject to mandatory territorial jurisdiction. The competent court is the one located in the place of domicile or residency of the Purchaser (consumer).

For civil disputes between Streaty Tours srls and the Purchaser (professional) related to the interpretation, enforcement or termination of this contract and the obligations or responsibilities arising from it, the Court of Palermo will be exclusively competent, and not only in derogation from the ordinary territorial jurisdiction but also with the will to exclude optional Courts for the cases related to obligation rights. The Court of Palermo cannot be changed, not even for reasons of stay or consolidation of quarrel.

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