We run street food, culture and local market walking tours addressed to curious travelers and foodies and guided by young Italian professionals. We offer safe food tours in Italy.


Our tours are not made up to feed and entertain tourists. All staff at Streaty loves traveling. We are aware of what makes the difference in a trip, we are aware of the fact that travelers want to experience, learn and exchange. This approach to tourism is what boosts our passion in designing tours. The food offered on our guided walks is simply traditional food, without any concern regarding its challenging level. Florentines worship meat, cured meats and offal, so this is what you’ll get on our Florence food tours. Street food is not a choice, Street food is what it has always been 🙂 However, all choices are well balanced and we offer alternatives to vegetarians and travelers with allergies. A tour is like a tune, it has some rocking moments and some sweet piano notes. Food vendors are selected. We don’t stop at touristy places for the simple reason that they are quick at serving and they pay commissions to guides! We do not get any commission from vendors. It’s not in our principles. We simply select vendors based on the quality of the food and the authenticity of the place.


We see food as the beating heart of Italian culture. So, food culture is the main focus of our tours. However, Italian history and traditions are so overwhelming that we can’t but use them to help travelers catch the real spirit of Italian life style. Forget long and boring one-man lessons! Our guiding style is more about telling stories rather than listing dates and names. 


The maximum number of participants we get on our tour is 10. In fact, we love guiding small groups for the basic reason that we enjoy interacting with travelers. But we also feel the commitment of giving travelers’ the chance to ask us whatever they want breaking all taboos and stereotypes. Small group tours allow all of that. In addition to this, a small group tour is the best and most sustainable solution to enjoy the streets and the markets of Italy without impacting on the regular activity of local businesses. 

All our guides are Italian and live in the city of the tour. We do not discriminate foreign tour guides living in Italy. We simply believe that only local guides can bring their culture and history to life! It’s a matter of feelings, passion and memories.


Sustainable is a keyword of Streaty’s work. We operate in full compliance with the Italian Tourism Legislation.  Our walking tours do not bring any negative impact on locals’ daily life. We care of the planet. For this reason in 2020 we managed to redesigned all tours in order to make them plastic free


While traveling, your choices impacts on the environment, society, and economy. Watch out for alluring low prices on the web: there are many companies running tours with illegal guides without paying any taxes. This type of unfair competition have negative socio-economic repercussions on sustainable tourism. According to the Italian law, all companies and guides must have a license issued by the regional government. To avoid troubles with the Italian Tourist Police, always ask your guide to show the badge before starting a tour.
Go safe, Choose Streaty! Streaty is an authorized tour company. All Streaty guides are regularly licensed.
You can make the difference. Travel sustainable! 🙂


Safety is Streaty’s priority. Safety for our travelers and our tour guides. Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 we’ve been forced to shut down temporary our business. We promptly cancelled all tours as soon as the spread of the coronavirus was reported in Italy. We are now ready to get back to the streets and do what we do best: guiding travelers around Italian streets and create joyful and tasty moments. Street food tours happen in open air, so the basic safety is guaranteed by enough spaces to keep the social distancing. In order to comply with all Italian Anti Covid19 regulations, we have revised all Streaty tours around in Italy. When choosing Streaty you know you are going to join a safe food tour of Italy.

For a safe food tour we have adopted the following Anti-Covid19 measures

  • we have reduced the number of group participants to max 8-10
  • Streaty guides carry hand sanitizer gel at disposal of all travelers
  • we have limited the chances of potential contamination during the food and wine tastings

We kindly invite clients to bring their own mask.