Hi Streaties,

We kindly ask you to read carefully this page. You will be asked to accept Streaty Tours’ policy before completing your order. Feel free to contact us for further inquiries!


Streaty Tours are accessible to…

  • any type of traveller who want to experience new flavours and discover the real soul of a city.
  • travellers with babies strollers. However we recommend to use a baby carrier.
  • Vegetarians

Streaty Tours are not suitable/accessible to…

  • travellers with mobility issues. Tour guides must keep a regular pace in order to start and end the tour on time. Seats are not guaranteed during the walking tour. 
  • Palermo, Catania and Venice tours are not accessible to travellers on wheelchair (Florence tour is). 
  • vegans, celiacs and allergic to dairy products. Please request a private tour instead.

Dress tips

We don’t have a dress code, not for travellers nor for the guides. However, we strongly recommend travellers wear comfy covered walking shoes, sunhat and check the forecasts the day before. Places visited along the walking tours are safe. However, we recommend travellers not to carry visible blinking jewels. 


Tours are run rain or shine. However, Streaty reserves the right to cancel a tour anytime for safety reasons (eg. rain floods, heavy storms).

Food Info and Policy

  • We run street food tours. Street foods are snacks, cooked and served in the streets. Street food is often greasy and fried. Some of the samples might contain offal.
  • Street food is consumed standing at street stalls and modest family-run deli shops. Do not expect to sit at restaurants and eat fine cuisine. Toilets are not rose-scented and might miss of toilet paper.
  • Whatever is served by Streaty guides must be considered included in the price. Extras or seconds are at travellers’ expense.
  • We only provide alternative samples for vegetarians and travellers allergic to certain products. 
  • Streaty tours are not suitable for vegans, celiacs and allergic to dairy products.
  • No alternatives are provided if travellers don’t like the given bites.
  • Please be aware that in each city experience you may find some street food specialty that contains offals. We offer whatever it’s local and traditional, no matter how challenging this could be considered.
  • The Streaty Food Passport is merely a souvenir. Not all specialties listed in the food passport are available on a daily basis.

Drink Info and Policy

  • Water is normally not included in the tour price. However, travelers can choose to get water to replace any other included drink.
  • Legal age to drink alcohol in Italy is 18 years old.
  • It’s on traveller’s responsibility to handle and control their drinking capacity.

Smoking Policy

  • smoking is not allowed during while the group is eating. If travellers want to smoke, they can do it in open air making sure that the smoke does not bother the rest of the group.

Pet Policy

  • pets are not allowed in group tours. Please ask us to arrange a private experience.


Streaty guides have the right to dismiss travellers from the group due to misbehaviours that might affect the guiding performance, the pace of the tour or other travellers’ mood.


  • Please be aware that toilets and seats are not available at every single stop.
  • Toilets are often small, they don’t smell of fresh roses and sometime miss of toilet paper.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We have a standard 3-day cancellation policy. If your tour is scheduled for saturday, the cancellation request must be sent to by Wednesday  no later than 11.59 pm.

Cancellations notified within this term will be fully refund.

Same procedure as described above must be followed to request partial refund (eg. one of your travel mates can no longer join the tour).

Cancellations requests notified to Streaty passed the given deadline entails a 100% penalty charge. 

Streaty does not pay any compensation in case of booking cancellations occured due to third parties’ disruptions (eg. airline or cruiselines delays/cancellations).

We do not provide any sort of refund for late arrivals or early quits.

Ten-minute Waiting Policy
At the meeting point, Streaty guides wait for travellers no longer than ten minutes passed the arranged time. Streaty does not guarantee a second chance to reach the group along the walk.

We do not provide any sort of refund for late arrivals nor early quits.

Disclaimer of liability
You hereby accept to join Streaty tours at your own risk. By accepting these contractual conditions, the Purchaser declares to relieve Streaty Tours srls, its staff and its guides, of any responsibility for any accident, theft, loss of personal items, illness or death, occurring during the tour or arising after participation. At the time of booking you are asked to provide information regarding your dietary restrictions and allergies. It is in your interest to provide this information.
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