Rome Street Food Tours

Rome Street Food Tours

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Welcome to Streaty Rome food tours my dear foodie! Embark with us in a thrilling culinary journey in search of the real tastes of Roman cuisine. On Streaty tours authenticity reigns supreme. Only top-quality regional food at historic and family-run eateries. Leave your comfort zone and come eat the streets with us!

Our street food tours in Rome

Food Tours in Rome

Rome is without any doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world! It is not easy to find your way around the crowded streets of the city center and detect the best food spots where to sample local dishes. We are here to make it easier for you! Let us show you the most authentic food scene of the city away from the tourist traps! Streaty Rome food tours have been created by our local guides who carefully selected food stalls and restaurants in order to offer curious travelers the best that the city has to offer.


Private Food Tour of Rome

Immerse yourself in the authentic Roman culture and indulge in the genuine flavors of Rome on a private Rome food tour....

From €99
street food tour
  • Morning
  • 3 hrs
  • Testaccio district and food market
  • Traditional Cuisine

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Why join a Streaty tour in Rome?

Rome is without any doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. As you know, mass tourism brings changes to the city life, and so it happened to Rome, where the large majority of restaurants nowadays promote fixed menus for tourists. The quality and the variety of food has been largely standardized in all of the city center.

This is the reason why you should join a Rome food tour with Streaty. Rely on us when it comes to good and authentic food in Italy. Our company is purely Italian, and only the local guides decide what and where we should take our guests to enjoy the local cuisine.

So why Testaccio district? Our Roman guides have indicated Testaccio as the last of the authentic districts of Rome, where the market vendors are not working to make tourists happy, instead they work to supply locals and they do this since ever, being most of the vendors running a family business for generations. Here at Streaty we all like traveling, and we all agreed that the Testaccio district is the perfect stage where to experience street food tour of Rome, since it gives the fizzy vibes of experiencing Romans’ daily life. At Testaccio, locals don’t have to behave, they are just themselves.

What will I taste during the Rome food tour?

The Roman cuisine is well known in Italy for being simple but also very tasty and extremely mouth-watering in all of its shape, texture and tastes. Our Food tour guide have drawn for you a well balance list of must-try recipes from Rome and Lazio region. You will start off with a delicious soft maritozzo, then dive into the Rome street food and finally embrace the tempting pasta alla gricia!
We are very strict when it comes to selecting the dishes. On Streaty tours we only serve specialties from the city or the region. So you will never find a Spritz in our Rome tour, being a spritz a classic Venetian drink. You will never find a Suppì in our Florence tour, because the crunchy supplì is strictly a Roman specialty.

What will I see during the Rome food tour?

If you have already joined a Streaty tour before, you know that our experiences aren’t just about eating and drinking. In few words, we provide an authentic cultural experience. And food is the best excuse to read local cultures around the world. On our Rome tours you won’t only indulge in the inimitable flavors of the local cuisine, but you will also learn about Roman history and citizens’ daily life. We will show you some hidden gems ignored by tourists and we will share fun and interesting insights on the Italian culture. For instance, on our Rome food tour of Testaccio, you will have the chance to admire the belly of Testaccio hill, a stunning secret view that only locals know how to unveil.

The Testaccio market is of course the big attraction of the culinary walking tour of Rome, however, it’s not the only one. On the way to the final pastry shop, we will shoe you the Commonwealth cemetery and the veri first football pitch where Rome FC started its glorious tradition. The street spirit of Rome and the contradictions of the Italian capital are proudly showed off in a huge graffiti that you will have the chance to admire and learn about during the walking tour.

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