Street Food Tours in Naples

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If you wanna leave your comfort zone choose our street food tour in Naples!

Our Naples food tours are designed to give you an unfiltered look at the city of Naples. We will walk you to our favorite street food vendors and serve you what we Neapolitans love the most…fried and heavy stuff! Markets are our favorite scenario where to build the magic. You can search good restaurants on food blogs but you need a local friend to catch the soul of this spectacular city.  The answer to all your questions is: Streaty!

Inside Naples: street food and market tour

Naples is pure passion, it’s spontaneous and wild so it needs to be understood and experienced with the right spirit. We will set the right spirit! Just drop your luggage and meet us in piazza Dante ready to enjoy...

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  • Morning
  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • Quartieri Spagnoli and market
  • Local street food

Why should I join a Street food tour in Naples?

A guided street food tour in Naples is a great opportunity for all foodies to maximize their stay in Naples.

Naples cuisine offers one of the best food varieties in all of Italy. You can search for the best specialties by yourself using google or food blogs. However, do you really want to waste your time in front of the screen typing “best street food in Naples”, “best pizza in Naples” and so on? I don’t think you want that!

Our Naples food tours will allow you to get the best that Naples cuisine has to offer in only three hours. The three hours will fly away so quickly. Our street food tour in Naples must be considered as a walk with a local friend that will select for you the best food of the day.

You can find many of the places where we go on your own, but it will probably take you afew days to get to them.

A food tour isn’t only about finding the right places. During the food tour in Naples for instance, we will introduce you to the vendors, we will tell their story and share with you other curiosities of street life in Naples. You can learn about the history of pizza on the web, or you can do it listening to us as you sip a glass of good wine.

What will I see during the Naples food tour?

Our street food tour in Naples is different from what is offered by other tour companies. We won’t walk you around the touristy city center or to the same places you would find on your own. In fact, we don’t do this because we want to be cool. We simply design tours based on our local guides’ tastes and preferences. We find the Quartieri Spagnoli as the best location for a food experience in Naples.

The Quartieri Spagnoli don’t have the best reputation in Naples. It’s the central residential district where Neapolitans. Is it elegant? Nope, it is not. It’s just Naples the way it is behind the touristy curtains. The vibes of Quartieri Spagnoli are unique, it’s noisy and lively, just like south of Italy is.

But of course, we run food tours. Our Naples food tour walk travelers around the Quartieri Spagnoli because this area is full of secret gems when it comes to food! Mamas frying pizzas, butchers serving old-style dishes, family-run vendors frying vegs and carbs. It’s a pure celebration of Italian taste, or the way we say…the Unfiltered Taste of Naples.

The Quartieri Spagnoli area includes the food market of la Pignasecca. A food market tour of Naples with a local guide is essential to learn about local cuisine, its related history and traditions.

Another highlight of our Napoli Street food and market tour is the so-called “sanctuary of Maradona”. Yes, Neapolitans made this up! You will visit this incredible place with your local guide. You will take a seat and sip a beer as you talk about the intimate street culture of Naples.

Join a Napoli food tour with Streaty if you wanna leave your comfort zone!

If you wanna leave your comfort zone and have a real street experience in Naples, Streaty is what you are looking for. We draw itineraries to offer foodies what we Italians eat, without any concern about how challenging specialties could be for foreigners. We only answer to the question “is this a traditional local street food of Naples?”, if the answer is yes, you will find it on your tour menu!

We are the best ranked food tour company in Italy according to Tripadvisor website.

Our street food tour in Naples will give you the chance to eat the best food in Naples and also have a relaxing walking tour of the city center. Our tours combine food, history and culture in one single experience. You will learn about the glorious times of Naples, when the city was the strong and rich capital of the Regno delle Due Sicilie. The past has left deep traces in the modern Naples cuisine. Tomato is an important ingredient of pizza…do you actually know the history of tomato? Ask us! We will unveil all the secrets of Italian cuisine, from pizza to pasta.

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