What’s included?

  • Local Guide Service
  • Street food samples
  • 2 drinks
  • Dessert
  • 72 hr Cancellation Policy
  • 10% Discount Code
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Safe payment
Flexible cancellation

Key information

  • Tuesday to Saturday at 11 am
  • Meet us in Piazza Dante
  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • Small group: max 10
  • English only
  • Free Cancellation up to 72 hrs before the tour starts

Dietary Accomodations

  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Suitable for pescatarians
  • Vegan, gluten / dairy free options not available

Tour description

Naples is pure passion, it’s spontaneous and wild so it needs to be understood and experienced with the right spirit. We will set the right spirit! Just drop your luggage and meet us in piazza Dante ready to enjoy our Napoli street food and Pignasecca market tour, we will take you to the hood!

What you’ll do

Imagine of having a Neapolitan friend who’s excited to meet you and walk you around his favorite food spots. Stop imagining, this is exactly our spirit!
Our street food tour of Naples makes its best at the food market of Pignasecca, an authentic open air theater where locals shop, eat and drink. You will feel overwhelmed by the wide choice of delicious foods, just let us manage that! We will select for you the best specialties of the day.
It’s going to be a slow walk around the food stalls to observe local vendors in their daily activity. Just sip a drink, take photographs and enjoy the moment.
After the market our Napoli street food and Pignasecca market tour continues around the intricate alleys of Quartieri Spagnoli, the residential ”hood” of Naples city center. Ladies hanging clothes, kids playing soccer in the streets, bakers delivering bread. Just a day in the life of Naples!
We will tell you about our food, history, traditions and also controversial topics. Our food tours are unfiltered, just Naples the way it is.
The Quartieri Spagnoli hides the “sanctuary” of football dedicated to Maradona, the legendary number 10 of Naples FC in the 80’s. You will be impressed to see how far football passion can go. This will be the chance to sit and have a traditional Neapolitan aperitive.  No tours end without a glorious sweet finale! And we will treat your taste buds real good!

What you’ll eat

Have a light breakfast and take a breath before you start your street food and Pignasecca market tour of Napoliyou will dive into a sea of flavors and carbs!  You won’t miss the delicate fried pizza, the fresh and juicy buffalo mozzarella, the spicy taralli and fried treats like zucchini flowers, fish and croquettes. Anytime possible we will challenge your palate with some interesting offal specialty. We just want you to enjoy real street food, no matter what! The final dessert is soft, creamy and refreshing. The amount of food served on this tour replaces a full meal. Must know: traditional local street food is Fat, often Fried and Full of carbs. We only offer what locals eat!

Why join this tour

EXPLORE the backstreets of Naples with a local and laid back guide

TASTE the best daily selection of street foods and the legendary fried pizza

ENJOY a Neapolitan aperitive at Maradona “sanctuary”

 LEARN about the secrets of Neapolitan cuisine 

MEET the vendors and make new friends with other travelers!

GET the best tips to enjoy Naples and avoid tourist traps

Is this the right tour for you?

✅ This is the perfect tour for travelers who want to try new flavors, drink, learn about local culture and make friends.
❌ This tour is not suitable for:

  • Travelers with limited standing or walking capacity. Seats are not guaranteed during the tastings
  • Travelers on a low carb diet
  • Vegan, vegetarians and travelers allergic to dairy or gluten
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