Streaty was first company launching a street food tour in Palermo. Our tours are addressed to curious travellers and adventurous foodies who can’t wait to taste traditional food and learn everything about the local culture without any touristy filter. The Streaty’s Palermo street food tours are run by young local guides committed to offer foodies truly comprehensive cultural experiences. So, if you were looking for something different from the usual, boring tour experience, then you’re in the right place!
You can stop losing your time googleing “best cannoli” or “best arancini”: we will take you to our favorite Palermo street food places and make you eat the best that our streets have to offer, try us!

Palermo Street Food and Local Market Tour

Start your day in the best way possible with an unforgettable street food tour in Palermo. The morning Palermo food tour is a relaxing 3hr walking tour with a young local guide to enjoy the markets and monuments of the sicilian capital.

street food tour
  • Morning
  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • Instant confirmation

Palermo Night Tour: Food Stalls and Backstreets

One of Streaty’s most demanded Palermo street food tours: we are glad to introduce you our Palermo night tour. An incredible night walking food tour under the city’s moonlight. Find out more!

street food tour
  • Night
  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • Instant confirmation

Palermo Wine Tasting Tour

What’s a Palermo culinary tour without a joyful tasting and a well designed wine tasting experience? Dive into the magic world of Sicilian wines! Let us walk you around the best wine bars of the city center to discover the finest scents and flavors of the island. Read more!

street food tour
  • Evening
  • 3 hrs
  • Instant confirmation

What is the goal of our Palermo Street Food Tour?

Our goal is to offer much more than just tourist food tours! The tastings, the food and wine related information, our Streaty guides provide historical hints, discuss social and controversial issues and also facilitate the interaction between the travellers and the locals.

Don’t think that our Palermo street food tour is just a walk for foodies: yes, it’s also true, you will taste everything about the greasy, salty and tasty Sicilian street food (you’ll love it!) but we will also have time to discuss with us about the city, without too much effort. Our purpose is just to make you feel happy… and full, of course!

We can do all of this thanks to our small group policy which allows the guides to quickly and easily set the right group spirit. On Streaty’s Palermo street food walking tours you will never find yourself chasing a guide holding a numbered flag and whispering to a mic. We do not sell visits, we offer new authentic travel experience!

What are the features of Streaty’s Palermo Food Tours?

We are able to offer three different types of Palermo Street Food Tour with different features, of course. So, if you are already hungry in the morning, let’s join the Morning Tour!
Instead, if you want to make this experience enjoying the city’s movida, book the Night Tour and you will be able to taste the delicacies under the moonlight. Are you a wine lover? Don’t worry, we thought also for you: find out about the Wine Tour and get ready to taste the best wines in Palermo.

Palermo food tour in the morning

The Morning Street Food Palermo Tour take travellers around the intricate alleys of the local markets of Capo and Vucciria, giving them the chance to taste real food in real authentic places, street food stalls, old inns and family-run bakeries. All Palermo street food tour places have been carefully selected based on the quality of the food and the genuinity of the location.

The traditional street food of Palermo consists of fried and baked snacks normally consumed standing around street food stalls and small deli shops. Most of the food satisfies all palates and it’s suitable to vegetarian foodies.

However, some specialty offered on Streaty street food tour in Palermo can be considered quite challenging, such as the famous “pani ca’meusa” (veal offal sandwich) or the “stigghiole” (veal intestine on bbq).

Wine Palermo Street Food Tour

Why joining a Food and Wine Tour in Palermo? Well, we believe that cuisine can tell a lot about local history, habits and culture as much as a monument does. We use food as a lens to draw together the sense of a city.

Street Food Tour Palermo in the night

We also run Palermo Street Food and Wine Night Tours in order to show travellers another vest of the city. Night tours unveil the nightlife scene and include a selection of food specialties available only under the moonlight.

The Palermo night tours explore the old port of La Cala, the nightlife district of La Vucciria and some other major historical attraction.
Our Palermo sailing sunset food tour offer travellers the opportunity to admire the city from another memorable perspective while tasting traditional delis and sipping prosecco wine!

What will you visit during the Street Food Tour in Palermo?

We travel to experience new things, to see new places, to meet new people, to share new vibes. So we travel to learn, and trust us, there is a lot to learn in Palermo!

You can explore and eat Palermo on your own, but how do you find your way to the best restaurants and street food stalls? Tripadvisor is not an option since its ranking is mainly based on tourists’ reviews. You will probably find yourself eating soggy arancini in a comfy touristy spot. You don’t want this! You are a foodie, a traveller, you want to follow the locals’ path. Just join a street food tour in Palermo! And you know why you should do that? Because a food tour isn’t simply about eating food.

The real extra value is given by one person: your local guide. Streaty guides make the magic happen by giving sense to your food market experience and your tasting moments. Local guides know their stuff, much more than foreign bloggers or guidebooks do. Your local guide was born and raised in those streets, He grew up eating those foods and He knows how to cook them because he saw his mum doing it for years.

And the most important thing, my friend, a local guide is real! You can interact with him, you can whatever you want: ask for clarifications and tips to improve your recipes, you can share a smile, vibes and feel the richness of Palermitan culture through his eyes. A Palermo street food tour is an experience, not a meal.

Last but not least…your Streaty guide does not vanish in the void after a tour! You can get in touch with us anytime you need it.

What else to do in Palermo? If you prefer to get to know the city in a 2 hour entertaining walking tour of the city center. We highly recommend joining the Palermo free walking tour. It’s a 2-hour Welcome tour of Palermo with a local guide. You will get the main info about local culture and history but most importantly, you will collect all the directions, tips and info you need to enjoy the city on your own!

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