Street Food Tours in Catania

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Yes, Catania is the land of arancini… but there’s so much more to discover. The streets of the vibrant 2700 year old city of Catania hides unexpected flavours that you won’t find in restaurants or listed in guidebooks! If you really wanna taste and experience the city like a local, you just have to join a Catania street food tour. Explore Catania with a Streaty guide and eat the best that our streets have to offer! We are the pioneers of street food tours in Catania?

Catania Street Food and Fish Market Tour

Find a space in your next Sicilian trip to enjoy the beautiful city of Catania. You can’t come to Sicily and skip the picturesque fish market of Catania, you just can’t! Take a walk with a Catanese friend around the...

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street food tour
  • Morning
  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • Pescheria fish market
  • Local street food

Catania by Night: street food and backstreets

Many travelers prefer to hike Mount Etna during the day and reserve the evening for a relaxing dinner in Catania. But if you wanna add more thrill to your evening, join our night street food tour of Catania. Step off...

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street food tour
  • Evening
  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • Ursino and Civita
  • Local street food

What are the most interesting attractions in our Catania Street Food Tour?

One of the major attractions included on our Catania Street Food Tour in the morning is the fish market La Pescheria, a place where travelers get overwhelmed with strong Sicilian street vibes and flavours.

The Catania fish market tour is a mandatory activity to understand the uniqueness of the city’s history and culture. During the Street Food Tour in Catania you will taste several local specialties, such as the cipollina and the arancini. Just like all Streaty tours, the Catania street food experience ends with finger licking dessert!

The traditional Catania street food is not as tough as the Palermo one. It’s more delicate and suitable for all types of palate.
However, some specialties can be considered quite challenging. For instance, in our Catania night street food tour meat lovers will have the chance to try a very local bite, horse meatballs on barbecue!

All our Catania street food tours places haven’t been chosen randomly. We simply take you to the same vendors where we would personally go to eat and drink! No tourist traps!

Why join a Catania food tour?

We know that many travelers give priority to other tourist destinations when visiting the east coast of Sicily. Places like Taormina and Syracuse are very worth the visit of course, but if you want to discover the real street spirit of Sicily, then come to Catania, where history, arts and underground culture make a perfect dish for an authentic travel experience.

Not only food! Our Catania food tours combine the culinary aspect with history and other cultural insights in order to provide a complete city experience: you won’t be tired of walking as long as you have your beloved arancino with you!

Stay Hungry, Stay Streaty, join a Streaty’ street food tour in Catania!

What will you see during the Street Food Tour in Catania?

Catania is worth to be devoured! You can do it on your own but we say no! Join our street food tour in Catania if you want to try street foods and see places you wouldn’t go on your own.

Streaty guides can make the difference on your trip, not only taking you to the right food vendors but also significant insight on local culinary culture.

Tourist traps are everywhere around the city center. There is just one way to avoid them, walk with a local who can turn your visit into a memorable experience. We will give you one clear example. There is a cafè in Catania where stairs lead underground, very underground…till you reach a lava tunnel and see a stream of the Amenano river flowing down. We know our way, follow us!

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