€44 All included!

What’s included?

  • Guided walking tour
  • Street food samples
  • Seasonal dessert
  • 2 Drinks
  • Food Passport
  • 24 hr cancellation policy

Key information

  • 11 - 11.30 am
  • Piazza Duomo
  • 3 hrs
  • Max 8
  • English
  • NOT adaptable for vegetarians
  • Suitable for pescatarians
  • 3-day cancellation policy

Tour description

The Catania morning tour is a relaxing 3hr walking tour around the fish market and secret spots of the city center to taste the most authentic local street food.
Our Catania street food tour starts from the central piazza Duomo for a brief historical introduction to the city and then dives into the unique Pescheria fish market. During the Catania fish market tour you will taste some fresh fish and listen to your guide unveiling the little secrets of the market life and interacting with the fish mongers. The Catania street food and local market tour takes a step into Villa Pacini where the elderly meet every morning to play Sicilian cards, this is what we call a “real life” moment!
After the arancini tasting, the guide will walk travellers into a secret underground spot to see the Amenano river flowing along a lava tunnel. More food to come before the end, such as the spicy anchovies, the baked cipollina and some cheerful toast! At every Catania street food tour place Streaty guides will explain history and curiosities that lie behind each recipe. A quick look at the majestic Castello Ursino is a must before ending the street food walking tour of Catania with a seasonal sweet treat, the fresh granita with brioche or the delicate minnuzza cake. All Streaty Catania food guides are local and keep a laid-back attitude with the travellers making them feel comfortable as they were visiting the city with a local friend. Our small group policy ensure foodies a relaxing experience giving them the chance to interact with the guide and vendors anytime they need it!
All travellers joining this tour will receive their personal Catania Food Passport, a souvenir that lists inside all the samples offered along the walk. On its back cover an easy Catania street food tour map!

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