€44 All included!

What’s included?

  • Guided walking tour
  • Street food samples
  • 2 Drinks
  • Seasonal dessert
  • 24 hr cancellation policy

Key information

  • From April to October / 6 pm
  • piazza Duomo
  • 3 hrs
  • max 8
  • English language
  • NOT adaptable for vegetarians
  • 3-day cancellation policy

Tour description

Wanna try the taste of Catania by night? Plan your daytime off to Mount Etna and come join us for an alternative street food tour of Catania by night. The night street food tour of Catania lasts 3 hrs and gives you the chance to step in some authentic street food spots, backstreets, underground lava tunnels and graffiti squares you would hardly find on your own. Catania is a great holiday destination, our aim is to let you discover the city from a different point of view: that’s why we designed our unmissable Catania street food tour! The areas explored during the Streaty Catania night street food tour are the Pescheria and the old Civita. The Catania street food night tour is also your chance to try the most beloved local bite, the one and only carne di cavallo (tr. horse meat)! Needless to say, a refreshing drink is more than a must, beer of course and also the traditional Catanese seltz (tr. fruit sodas)! The night food tour of Catania will delight your palate with some deli bites and fish and inspire your curiosity with interesting street stories and urban legends. The walking tour can’t but end with the Sicilian granita and brioche sitting in the elegant square of Massimo opera house. Along the Catania street food night tour your Streaty guide will also share the best tips to enjoy Catania: where to eat, where to hang out and much more! Remember, before being your guide, we are your local friends! Come visit us! The Catania night walking tour gather a small group of maximum 12 foodies in order to provide an intimate city experience. The Streaty night food tour of Catania is also a great introduction to the city, better recommended as first activitiy in town.

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