What’s the best time to visit Sicily?

It’s always the best time to visit Sicily but…there is some difference between a season and another. And you may want to consider these differences before you book your ticket. As for food and art, anytime is a great time, just avoid September if you are really passionate about history coz that’s the time when big groups invade the streets and the monuments. Food? Forget about it! We are always here to feed you and you know there isn’t better way to feel a place if not through its cuisine. We travel, we love food, we love people, and this is how our Palermo food tours and Catania food tours were born! Check them out!

Now let’s go through the calendar and check out pros and cons of each month! In the end of the article you will pick your best moment to travel around Sicily!

Sicily in JANUARY – FEBRUARY (Min. 8C° / Max 15°. Sicilian winter)

Is this the best period to visit Sicily? I would say no, but I would also say, keep reading to make up your mind!

Pros: very few tourists around, no big noisy groups and noisy guide with speakers and flags. January and February are a great solution to see the city in its normal winter life. As for the weather, you don’t have to worry that much in the sense that the sky is either clean blue or dark gray. We don’t have storm seasons…at least not yet…but climate is changing and sometimes we get sun showers! The markets in winter are quite special. The magic atmosphere of the lamps under the stalls is pure poetry. If you had to write a novel set in Palermo, this is the right time to do it. Traveling in Sicily in January and February also means having the unique chance to see the stunning mosaics of Palermo and the suggestive valley of the Temples surrounded by silence. And last but not least, prices are much lower compared to summer and early autumn.

Cons: It is sometimes hard to find spots on group tours and collective excursions coz most of tour operators in these two months prefer to run private tours only. Why? Few tourists is equal to small chances to gather a full group, which means struggling to reach the break even point of a sale! Check out our calendar before giving up on a food tour! Sicily is not a rainy place, however, if it rains, it may go on for 3-4 days non stop. If it does not rain, than you’ll have the sun shining bright! Some very touristy destinations, like Cefalù and Taormina, turn into ghost towns. This is definitely a cons of travelling around Sicily in January.

THE EVENT: Do not miss Sant’Agata’s celebrations in Catania, Day 3-4-5 of February. Try to be there on those days and enjoy the meaning of a passionate “devotion”!

WHAT ELSE TO DO IN SICILY IN FEBRUARY? go sky on the Vulcano Etna! slide down the volcanic slopes facing the sea!

Sicily in MARCH – APRIL (min 10 C° / max 20 C°. Unpredictable weather)

April 25th is the day when Sicilians get their first official dive in the sea. Temperatures warm up significantly from the middle of March, however, you still need a coat to face the chilly nights. Spring is a nice time to enjoy the city nightlife and the street food scene.

Pros: theWeather is a bit crazy. It may rain for days but it may also shine for days! In March and April you do rely on luck. Tour operators reopen to full activity. Ferries and buses double up the connections to tourist spots. Let’s say that in spring you will feel more welcome than the past two months! Going to Sicily in Spring time is a great decision for a foodie, since Spring brings the top quality production of ricotta for our cakes. Check out “All you must know about Cannoli”.

On March 19th take a bite at the Palermitan “sfincia di San Giuseppe”, pure caloric orgasm!

April 25th is the Italian liberation day. That’s the day

Cons: some rain might pop up and ruin your hiking plans. Traffic goes crazy in the cities on rainy days. These two months are more eligible for a long weekend than a 10 days or longer trip around Sicily. Prices raise but car rental is still convenient! Is this the best time to visit Sicily? not really but We can state “yes, march and April are without any doubt good months to go!”.

Sicily in MAY – JUNE (min 15C° / max 27 C°. Sunny)

May God bless May in Sicily! Here we are in one of the best times to enjoy sicily.

Pros: Sun is warm, sea water are warm enough to let you enjoy the coast and the islands without too many noisy tourists around. Must know that Italian school year ends in the middle of June, this means that Italians, locals included don’t really spend much time at the beach during the week. This is the best time to visit the Natural reserves and find an intimate connection with them. Also consider going to the small islands around Sicily, take a sail trip or simply spend a couple of days camping and hiking in the Eaolian or Egadi islands. In the cities, do not miss the chance to join food walking tour with us! A relaxing tasty walk with a pleasant weather.This is the time when you wanna rent a car and explore the island and we do recommend you rent a car! Read this…

Cons: tourism start increasing so you definitely must book your top listed restaurants you wanna dine at. Take a look at the places we recommend in Palermo and Catania. Prices for accomodations, tours and car rentals are at their peak. May 1st, labour day many activities and attractions might be closed.  

All in all, IF you are planning to book your trip to Sicily for next may or June, do not hesitate longer!

Sicily in JULY – AUGUST (min 22 C° / max 31 C°. Sunny)

The time has come. The northern Italians rain down like snow to pack the beaches. Temperatures raise but nights remain the most starred and romantic.

Pros: it’s full summer time. This is the time when you get the best of nightlife on the seaside and the islands. In July cities are still lively and full active. Temperature are warm but not as hot as in August.

July 15th is the day to be in Palermo to attend Santa Rosalia’s celebrations. It’s the day to be in Palermo and celebrate with locals the renovated miracle of the patron saint. That’s the day to eat snails!

August 15th is Ferragosto day. In the night between the 14th and the 15th sicilians spend their time at the beach partying. At midnight fires start to enligh and warm up the beach…it’s the call to the midnight swimming.

WHAT TO DO: take a look at the concert calendar performed at the Ancient Greek theater (Teatro Antico) of Taormina. You are gonna have memorable moments. 

WHAT TO EAT: Palermitan brioche with ice cream (see pic) and the Catanese pistachio granita! super refreshing yummy!

Cons: August in the cities is quite tough, however, since the large majority of tourists prefer to sleep and relax at the beach, we highly recommend to visit the cities to enjoy a night walking tour. Check out our night food tour of Catania. The beaches get so overcrowded that you have big chances to not find a single squared meters where to lay down your towel!!!!! Cefalù and San Vito Lo Capo are the seasides to avoid in August. All Italians have holidays in August, so Sicily gets overcrowded…in normal non-covid times! Prices for accommodation on sea sides are very high, on the other hand, they slightly go down in the art cities. Sicily in full summertime is not an eligible place for sports. Too hot! 

Sicily in SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER (min 10 C° / max 28 C°. Sunny)

September is without any doubt the peak of our tourist season but October is probably a better choice. But read carefully coz here we are again in the one of the best Times of the year to travel to Sicily.

Pros: Italian tourists are back home coz schools start again. Even though firs half of September keeps the same hot daytime temperatures, nights get much more pleasant. Sicilian love September, the cities get repopulated and nightlife restart. October rocks! The mass of tourists slowly fades off and all locations and experiences are much more enjoyable than the past two months. Sun is till up and waters still warm to take a perfect midday refresh! Top months for water sports, climbing and hiking!

Cons: September is the peak of tourism which means that visiting some indoor attractions can become a nightmare, especially if you have to stand in a long queue under a 30C° sun. Beside the mass of tourists, September is also a very popular month for young couples to get married! It’s always nice to see a beautiful white dress, however, many churches get packed and not visitable during the celebration. Prices are the highest of the year. 

In conclusion, if the question is “Is it worth to travel around Sicily in September and October?”, the answer is yes, it is!

Sicily in NOVEMBER – DECEMBER (min 10 C° / max 19 C°. Mainly sunny)

Check out the picture above take in Mondello beach, Palermo…It was taken on November 12th! Indeed both November and December are excellent months to visit Sicily. Get a car and enjoy it!

Pros: you will surprised to see how sunny and warm is Sicily in November and December. The clear Skys of December are memorable. These two are great months to drive around and enjoy the nature. Mount Etna get chilly though! Prices go down again but tour operator, tourist services and attractions keep working regularly. It’s “off season” time so you won’t even get the mass tourism! Best restaurants are all yours! October, November and December are great months for water sports too! Read our article “surfing in Sicily“. This is definitely one of the best times to travel around Sicily.  

Cons: Honestly I don’t see many beside the fact that you have more chances to get light rains. 


Top three moments to visit Sicily are:

  1. Late May – Early June: get a car, travel around before the big mass of tourists invade the island 
  2. Late September – October: warm days, fresh nights!
  3. November – December: hike, enjoy water sports and tourist attractions 




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