What’s included?

  • Guided walking tour
  • Street food samples
  • Seasonal dessert
  • 2 Drinks
  • 10% discount on more tours
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Key information

  • Monday to Saturday at 10.30 am
  • Starting from San Giacomo di Rialto
  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • max 10
  • English only
  • Free Cancellation up to 72 hrs before the tour starts

Dietary Accomodations

  • Not suitable for vegetarians
  • Suitable for pescatarians
  • Vegan, gluten / dairy free options not available

Tour description

The Rialto market is not a monument. Rialto market is now, it’s still alive and it’s a must of your Venetian visit. So, why visit the market with a local guide? We will let one of our guests speak for us: “visiting the city through a local’s eyes, and learning about then city through the lens of food, is an invaluable experience“. Welcome to the Venice Rialto market food tour exploration!

What you’ll do

We will meet you at the church of San Giacomo in Rialto, ready to dive into the scented and colorful Rialto food market. Bench by bench we will take a look at the fresh products of the day. We will enjoy Venetians’ life the way it is, slow. Before you get to try some good recipes you will see where the vendors go to shop their fresh products. We will tell you about the history of the market and other interesting stories to make you understand what this place really means to the locals.
Food is always around the corner in Venice! The question is, which one? Just rely on us. On our Venice street food and Rialto market tour we will take you to our favorite places to eat and drink the best that Venice has to offer on that day.  We will walk you into the most authentic wine bars (Bacari) to let you try a wide variety of local cicchetti (tr. Venetian tapas). One stop is dedicated to the most famous food treat of Venice, baccalà (cod fish). Venetians cook it in so many ways, just pick your favorite! The food tour of Venice isn’t just about food and drinks, in fact, during this three hours you will also learn about the city and the life in the lagoon. You’ll start seeing Venice through Venetians’ eyes! To reach our final sweet stop we will have to get on the Venetian gondola traghetto (weather and traffic permitting). Nothing touristy, just what Venetians do every day to short cut their way back home. Call it a cool experience or a day into the life of Venice!
What to expect from the Venice food tour? expect to have a relaxing walk with your new local friend, to learn about Venetian culture, to enjoy good food and good drinks…expect to have a good time!

What you’ll eat and drink

On our Venice street food tour and Rialto market exploration you will try several samples that will replace a full meal. You will eat so-called cicchetti, which consist of sliced bread or polenta topped with various ingredients, mainly strong-flavored fish, but also vegetables, cheese and cured meat. You have included two drinks, one glass of regional wine and one spritz. The end of the tour celebrates the sweet side of Venice, a tiramisu or dry buranelli cookies will make a happy goodbye moment. Must know that we never miss a chance to offer some challenging specialty of the day, like the seasonal  and exclusive fried crabs!

Why join this tour

EXPLORE the market of Rialto with a local food expert

LEARN about Venetian everyday life through the eyes of a local

TASTE a wide variety of fresh cicchetti at our favorite taverns (No tourist traps!)

TRY the local experience of crossing the Gran Canal like Venetians do

INTERACT freely with your guide and have a cheerful toast with new friends

GET the best advises on what to do in Venice and surroundings

Is this the right tour for you?

✅ This tour is the perfect choice for travelers who want to try new flavors, make new friends and learn about Venetian culture.
❌ This tour is not suitable/not recommended for:

  • Travelers who don’t like fish
  • Picky eaters
  • Vegan, vegetarians and travelers allergic to dairy or gluten
  • Travelers with limited standing or walking capacity. Seats are not guaranteed during the tastings
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