The Arancini Master Class

€19 All included!

What’s included?

  • Live cooking class
  • Exclusive private videos
  • PDF recipe file
  • 20% off Streaty's cookbook
  • Smiles and toasts
Fast booking
Safe payment
Flexible cancellation

Key information

  • upon request!
  • Online experience
  • approx. 1,5 hr
  • Min 5 (screens)
  • English
  • 48hr

Required tools

  • Computer or Tablet
    (better with webcam)
  • Stable internet connection
  • Free Video conference app ZOOM
  • FOR A HIGHER QUALITY EXPERIENCE we recommend you use a computer instead of a tablet.
    You'll find the required cooking tools in your confirmation email.

Experience description

If you’ve been to Sicily before, We bet you dream of eating Arancini every night since then. You can confess your foodie sins to us! We’ll keep the secret:) but we won’t keep our Arancini recipe secret! This is your chance to stop dreaming and start living a richer life with your own homemade arancini!

The magic creation in two easy steps

Many foreigners believe that the Arancini is a long and complicated recipe to make…not at all!! We will give you all the tools, tips and knowledge that you need in order to make memorable homemade arancini.
The event is divided in two parts.

  1. The risotto preparation (video tutorial). Once you have finalized your reservation you will receive a link that allows you to access an exclusive video tutorial reserved only to you and your Arancini cooking class mates. The video clearly explains how to prepare the risotto for the arancini, which is the base to start the recipe. The rice must be cooked before you connect live with us. It’s very easy to make and the video is very easy to follow. And if you need any tips or clarifications you can ask us anytime!
  2. The Arancini Class  (Live event on Zoom). A streaty guide will host you live in a zoom event and lead you through the making of the filling, the breading and the frying of Arancini. We will show you how to do it and assist you at every single step 🙂

The Arancini Master challenge

During the class, your Streaty host will valuate your cooking skills. There will be three main quality tests that your arancini must succeed: weight, diameter and the tough sticky-rice exam! At the end of the Arancini cooking class we will nominate the Arancini Master of the session who will be granted a special prize!

About the Recipe

The Arancini or Arancina is the most famous Sicilian street food specialty. It’s a rice ball stuffed with veal ragù sauce and dip fried in oil. Its first appearance in Sicily is dated back to the XII century! Almost a thousand years! Read our blog post

Mamma’s recipe! success guaranteed!

The recipe you will learn is not any chef’s recipe but it comes straight from Mamma Streaty’s experience. Here at Streaty we care about the spontaneity of a host and its traditional home cuisine, this is why we don’t work with professional chefs.  The online arancini cooking class is run by guides who simply learned how to cook from their mamas! If you are lucky, you may also meet Mamma Streaty at the Arancini event!

A tasty excuse to see your friends and family!

We can arrange for you and your mates a private Arancini experience. Challenge your family at Arancini making in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Many Streaty clients have already take this chance to virtually gather with their friends and family spread all over US!

Technical info

For a better quality experience, We highly recommend you connect from a computer, laptop or notebook. Tablets won’t allow you to see double camera views at once.

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