Best Cannoli in Palermo and surroundings

Alright Alright Alright…where to get the best cannoli in Palermo? You are in the right page. Our food tour company is based in Palermo. Palermo is where our story begins, the city where we launched the very first street food tour. Palermo is our family table. As you already know, Palermo is home to the finest pasticceria in Italy, so if you are searching for the best cannoli in Sicily, you are landing in the right place.

First things first

Speak the right food! Cannoli is the plural form of Cannolo. So if you want to get one single pastry ask “Un cannolo per favore”. If you want to have two “Due cannoli per favore”. And if you get more you will conquer our heart. You can buy cannoli at pasticceria (pastry shop) or bars (cafe).
Cannoli is not a summertime food. Not everybody knows that Sicilians do not eat cannoli all year around. The fresh sheep ricotta used to make the filling is only produced when hills are colored in green and sheep can happily feed themselves with the right food. In summertime their forage change and this affects the quality of the ricotta. In summertime many cafes serve cannoli filled with other creams in order to make tourists happy, while locals prefer to get a gelato or granita.This is why we do not offer cannoli in summertime on our food tours in Palermo. 

What Cannoli not to choose

Do not eat cannoli already filled up with cream and proudly exposed to the heat and sunlight. The ricotta cream is made up of fresh cheese and it should be kept refrigerated till the very last moment before filling the crunchy crust.

Best Cannoli in Palermo

So let’s get to the point. You are here because you want to know where to find the best cannoli in Palermo. We have selected for you our top four Pasticcerie where you can indulge in the most delicious Sicilian cannoli.

📍I segreti del Chiostro (the old gem)

By far one of the best pasticcerias in town. The nuns’ recipe have been brought back to light and serve to the most passionate foodies in the beautiful and silent cloyster of the St.Caterina monastery. The cannoli are supreme, but not only that. Also try the cassatelle con ricotta or a slice of the cassata cake. The location is magic, the food is good and beautiful to see. 

📍Pasticceria La Martorana (the new gem)

Located very central downtown, the Pasticceria La Martorana rules when it comes to sweet pastries. Ask to get a cannolo filled on the spot. Their ricotta cream is well made and balanced, not too sweet but creamy enough to make you wanna kiss the pastry chef.

📍Pasticceria Minolfo (where tourists don’t go)

Pasticceria Minolfo is a mandatory mention for foodies in search of the best cannoli in Palermo. Unknown among tourists, this location is one of the best picks for Palermitans from all over the city. Real chef masters create every day the most tempting and mouthwatering cakes. Our favorite cake here is the traditional Sicilian cassata. However, their cannoli sit beside in heaven.

📍Pasticceria Trentacoste (Ballarò market)

Hidden around the alleys of Ballarò market, this Pasticceria raises proudly the flag of Sicilian patisserie. All cakes are worth a bite. We would suggest to get a small cannoli and a bite at the other mignon (small) cakes.

Best Cannoli in Sicily

If you are planning to rent a car to explore the surroundings of Palermo and the beautiful province of Trapani and you still don’t want to miss the best cannoli in Sicily, take note of these three places. Must know: the size of cannoli outside Palermo are by far larger!

📍Bar Elena Te Nini (Piana degli Albanesi)

The small town of piana degli Albanesi (30 min drive from Palermo) is renowned in Sicily as the throne of the best Cannoli in the island. The thin crunchy crust and the foamy ricotta cream made by any of the bars are unforgettable. We can confidently state that in Piana degli Albanesi you can find the best cannoli in the world. The cafè Bar Elena won some local prize for making the best cannoli in the province of Palermo. 

📍Eurobar (Dattilo, Trapani)

If you are driving from Palermo to Trapani, do not miss a mandatory stop at the ghost village of Dattilo. In Dattilo you will find the famous bar Europa, indicated by western Sicilians as one of the best cannoli shrine in the whole island. Best Cannoli in Sicily? Probably! Only the cannoli from

📍Coffee Break (Purgatorio, Trapani)

When you will eat the cannoli of Coffee Break you will bless your hands for having read this article. The cannoli are big, the scents of the crust is pure poetry, and the cream – strictly made with sheep ricotta – is freshly made by the shepherd of the area



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