STREATY, foodies’ future is now!

The Streat Palermo and Streat Catania get retired, the future of Sicilian street food tours in the hand of a brand new name: STREATY, street food tours of Sicily.

The Story
All begun in 2013, It was time to pour new oil in my professional career. After ten years of arabic studies and gratifying professional experiences in the middle east and European refugee camps, it was time to feed different dreams. The idea was very simple, why not taking travelers around Palermo to eat the best street food in town? and the approach was even easier, taking travelers around as they simply were my old friends, which meant: no tourist traps, no fake stories that tourists want to listen, no fancy places with english menus but just Palermo the way it is. The target to address the tour was simply myself. Indeed, I designed this tour based on what I look for when I travel.
In the holy hands of Jennie Rutz, not only a very good friend but also a professional cartoonist, we gave form to the logo and the name: streat food tour Palermo, as cool as hard to remember! 🙂
Well, nobody at that time would ever imagine that one day this simple idea could become my 24/7 work! The success of Streat Palermo tour was pushed up by another cool idea: the foodie’s passport, destined to become a collection gadget for real foodies around the world!
Being the first street food tours ever launched in Sicily, Streat Palermo brand appeared in many articles in Italy and abroad. Best UK chefs chose us to explore Sicilian food culture: Rick Stein, Paul Hollywood, Jamie Oliver, Ainsley Harriot, Steve Parle and many more
In 2015 was finally time to double up the tour and the foodie’s passport for our experienced foodies coming to Sicily from all over the world. The Streat Catania tour was finally born and adopted by two excellent Catanese guides who pampered the project with passion and professionalism.
And here it comes the day, today, my Foodie Ladies and my Foodie Gentleman, please meet STREATY, street food tours of Sicily.

Why “Streaty”?
Well, two main reasons. First of all we needed a brand that could be easier to recognize and to memorize. A brand which could raise up his fully belly over the horizon to have a glocal look. Why? Well, here it comes the reason number two. The next step is to expand our business in new cities.
Streaty’s core business remain street food tours and the main target remains the foodie travelers, but we also want to break in the web as Prophets of the Street Food World, writing, sharing and prohotographing street food from all over the globe.
The old logos and names will slowly disappear from the scene. The stage now belongs to Streaty!

So, a new brand with a new website, a new email address but the same old successful style, passionate guides and backstreet trails.
So, it’s very easy to remember, isn’t it? It’s just about STREATY 🙂

About Streaty_Staff

We are a group of Italian tour guides passionate about our culinary traditions. We happily share our knowledge and our tips with travelers in order to promote the authentic Italian cuisine.