4 easy and worthy excursions from Venice

4 easy excursions from Venice by train

It’s your third visit to Venice and you have already devoured the streets on our Rialto market tour. It’s about time to explore the surroundings! and there are so many interesting options, some are located in the Venetian lagoon, others only a short train ride away. Here are our top 4 worthy excursions from Venice. 

Bassano del Grappa, the unexpected beauty

We suggest Bassano del Grappa as the real gem, a real smart traveler’s move. A charming little town nestled in the Venetian Pre-Alps on the shores of the crystal clear river Brenta. A direct train from Venice will take you to this unforgettable place in 1.15 hours. Much more than worthy! Bassano del Grappa deserves a much bigger promotion but thanks God, this Italian gem is not invaded by mass tourism. This is your intimate excursion to a real Italian place. This is the land where the Italians faced the hardest battles against the Austrians during World War I. Bassano was named del Grappa in 1928 to commemorate the soldiers who lost their lives in the decisive battles that were fought on the nearby Mount Grappa during the First World War. 
The most famous and iconic site of Bassano del Grappa is the Alpini Bridge (or Ponte Vecchio). It’s a wooden covered bridge over the river Brenta, which the Renaissance architect rebuilt in the 16th century after it was destroyed several times. The bridge, the river, the green mountains…and the amazing wine bars, will make your day!
You can’t miss the local aperitive mezzo-e-mezzo at Grapperia Nardini, Italy’s oldest distillery. This is the capital of Grappa. If you wanna learn more, visit the Grappa Museum at Poli, a few steps from Nardini. 
Worth a visit is for sure the Libreria Palazzo Roberti, one of the most beautiful libraries in the world in a seventeenth-century aristocratic palace. Bassano is also famous for its handmade ceramics. Check out the amazing shops around the city. Walk around, enjoy the elegance of the town or grab some beer and sit along the river and take your moment of silence. 

🍝 Food to try in Bassano del Grappa

  • Bigoli all’anitra – bigoli with duck ragù;
  • Baccalà alla vicentina – Vicentyne style baccalà;
  • Tagliatelle con asparagi bianchi – stew rabbit.

🍴Our favorite restaurants in Bassano del Grappa

  • Osteria alla Caneva
  • Al Caneseo da Amedeo
  • Trattoria Bigoleria Da Alice

Padova, art and spritz

It’s super quick to reach and offers many beautiful things to explore. Train connections depart every 15 minutes from Venice to Padova and the journey takes only half an hour! very worth!
Padova is fascinating, with breathtaking architecture all around. Visit Saint Anthony’s Basilica, whose main altar is richly decorated with works by Donatello. Don’t miss a visit to the stunning architecture and pay homage to the saint’s relics. After walking through the arcades and old town, you’ll find the Scrovegni Chapel, with Giotto’s stunning frescoes. They are listed among the most important works of Western art. You can see one of the oldest universities in Europe, whose faculty once included Galileo Galilei. This is also where a woman got an academic degree for the first time ever.
Spritz lovers must know that the Veneto region is renowned in Italy as the reign of Spritz, and Padova is the city where spritz is worshipped. Try some creative ones at La Yarda cocktail bar! Or remain in Venice and join Streaty’s ultimate spritz tour of Venice!

🍝 Food to try in Padova

  • Bigoli con sarde e capperi – bigoli with sardines and capers;
  • Gran bollito misto – mixed boiled meat, made with various cuts of beef, cotechino, gallina padovana. It is then flavored with mustard sauces, salsa verde or cren (horseradish sauce);
  • Torta pazientina – a dessert made in several layers with an almond shortbread (Brescian pastry) and sponge cake filled with zabaione. The whole is garnished with lots of chocolate chips.

🍴Our favorite restaurants in Padova

  • Antica Osteria dal Capo
  • Osteria L’Anfora
  • Trattoria Al Fungo

Verona, history and wine 

This welcoming, enchanting city is none other than Romeo and Juliet’s hometown! Here you can see all the iconic sites associated with the story of the two Shakespearian lovers, including the famous balcony and the tomb of Juliet. It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to get from Venice to Verona by train.
Throughout Verona, you can find a wealth of fascinating attractions to explore, all reflecting the city’s vibrant history. The majestic Castelvecchio is the heart of the medieval city. The Scaligeri Tombs, on the other hand, are one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in northern Italy.
There is a small colosseum in Verona called the Arena. It was built before Rome’s Colosseum and it’s the best-preserved Roman amphitheater in the world. Today, it serves as a fascinating open-air opera house, check the events. From here wander over to Piazza delle Erbe, with some of the most enchanting palaces you’ll find in Verona. Before you sit and taste some good wine, burn your last calories by climbing the stairs of Castel San Pietro and getting ready to enjoy a stunning view.
The province of Verona is a must-drink destination for wine passionate from all over the world. The two most renowned wines of the area are the red Valpolicella and the white Soave. 

🍝 Food to try in Verona

  • Pastissada de Caval – braised horse;
  • Risotto al Tastasal – Tastasal is the pork mixture that is used to make cured meats;
  • Pandoro – typical Christmas cake.

🍴Our favorite restaurants in Verona

  • Caffè Monte Baldo
  • Osteria del Bugiardo
  • Osteria Al Carroarmato

Lido di Venezia, cycle and relax

Are you feeling a little adventurous and want to spend a day cycling the laguna? Just half an hour’s boat ride from Venice -the city where it is forbidden to ride a bike- there is a route that allows you, instead, to pedal along the lagoon, enjoying green landscapes, places steeped in history, passing charming palaces and then stopping to enjoy the quiet and placid atmosphere of fishing villages. This is not recommended during the hottest months. Spring and autumn are the most enjoyable time of the year for this excursion.
Heading toward the sea, we come to the Marconi Promenade, past the iconic Hotel Des Bains and the landmarks of the International Film Festival, held every late summer right on the Venice Lido. There they flow before us first the Palazzo del Casinò, then the Palazzo del Cinema, and finally the majestic Hotel Excelsior, the most luxurious hotel on the island still in operation today. Reserve a moment to visit the delightful village of Malamocco, a small Venice with calli, campi and canals.
Continuing south, one finally arrives at the Alberoni area, following a stretch of a bicycle path along the Take the Ferry Boat towards the island of Pellestrina, renowned for its peculiar conformation, with a width ranging from 25 meters to a kilometer, and in some places, it is so thin that the sea and the lagoon are divided only by the fortification of the Murazzi.

🍴Our favorite restaurants in Lido 

Try the typical lagoon cuisine at our favorite restaurants

  • Ai Pescatori
  • Da Celeste Pellestrina
  • Trattoria da Scarso

Veneto region has got much more than just Venice. Take an adventure inland, visit small towns, eat seasonal country products, and admire the finest marble sculptures of Italy. You can do this, just need to get on a train and go!

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