The Sicilian Foodie Kit (box + virtual class)

€119 All included!

What’s included?

  • 2020 Extravergine Olive Oil
  • 100% Sicilian pistachio paste
  • Black swine salami
  • Ingredients to make panelle
  • 1hr online private cooking class
  • Spices and more!
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Key information

  • Anytime!
  • Online experience
  • 1 hr Live cooking class
  • Personal Foodie Box
  • English
  • No refund if order already shipped

Required tools

  • Computer or Tablet
    (better with webcam)
  • Stable internet connection
  • Free Video conference app ZOOM
    When placing the order please make sure you provide detailed home address.

Experience description

A gift is only a gift, but a gift full of Sicilian delicacies is more than that…it’s an event! And the ‘Sicilian Foodie Kit”  is the best event happened in 2020! Streaty’s kit is the ideal gift for your better half. The kit contains a tasty bouquet of top quality Sicilian products coming from small producers and food markets. Not only this, the Sicilian Foodie kit also includes a 1hr live cooking class to make panelle using the ingredients you find in the box.

What’s in the ‘Sicilian foodie kit’?

– Chickpea flour and wild fennel seeds to cook panelle (from Capo market, Palermo)
– 1 bottle of Sicilian extravergine olive oil 2020 (1/2 Lt)
– 1 small jar of Sicilian Pistachio paste (100% pistachio. 200g)
– Country sun dried tomatoes and DOP garlic (from Capo market, Palermo)
– 1 tablet of cioccolato di Modica (Sicilian chocolate. 100% cocoa! 200g)
– 1 Black swine salami (Sicilian breed from Nebrodi mountains. With wild fennel seeds and black pepper grains. 140g / vacuum packed)
– 2 Sicilian spice mix for pasta or bruschetta (from Capo market, Palermo)
– Streaty red bag for shopping
– 10% discount voucher for future in-person Streaty food tours
– 1 Hr live cooking class on Zoom to learn how to make chickpea panelle
– All shipping costs are included!

What’s so special about the selected products?

In the Sicilian foodie kit you will find products coming directly from the food market of Capo (Palermo, Sicily) and selected quality shops. All products are made in Sicily. You will get same foods any Sicilian would use to cook and eat at home: quality, not quantity! By the way, Streaty’s kit has quantity too! The pistachio pesto is quite a gem, in fact, it is very difficult to find pesto containing only 100% pistachio paste to be used to make a savory pesto or a sweet cream for your desserts. What about the olive oil!? in the Sicilian foodie kit you will also find the so-called “olio nuovo” which refers to extravergine olive oil produced in the current harvesting season 2020-2021. Meat lovers won’t be disappointed! the foodie kit also hides a super delicious treat, a Sicilian black swine salami (140g)!

1 hr virtual cooking class

By purchasing the Sicilian Foodie kit you will also get the chance to book a 1 hr live cooking class to make Sicilian panelle (chickpea fritters). A Sicilian tour guide will connect with you on ZOOM and guide you through the recipe, a very very easy and tasty street food specialty! Anybody can do it, even kids! You will find the two main ingredients in the box: chickpea flour and wild fennel seeds. The panelle cooking class is a homage to remark that connecting people is the main objective of a Streaty experience.

*Must Know*

At the moment the Sicilian Foodie Kit can be shipped only to European countries. When placing the order, please make sure you leave your correct adress and add any details needed to deliver the box. Do not forget to provide the phone number of the person you are addressing the gift to.
The kit takes 3 to 5 working days to be delivered. 

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