Online Tuscan cooking class with Gaia

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What’s included?

  • Live cooking class
  • PDF recipe file
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Key information

  • Every Tuesday
  • Online experience
  • 1,5 hr
  • up to 30 (screens)
  • English
  • 1 day cancellation policy

Required tools

  • Computer or Tablet
    (better with webcam)
  • Stable internet connection
  • Free Video conference app ZOOM
  • Mixing bowl, small frying pan, pasta pot, small saucepan, skimmer/slotted spoon, Baking paper (optional)

Experience description

Meet us at your place, Streaty guide Gaia is bringing Florence to you! Stretch your hands  and get ready to learn how to cook a real Florentine recipe, so real that the large majority of tourists never heard about! we are talking about the one and only Gnudi with spinach and ricotta. You know that here at Streaty we are very strict when it comes to Italian regional cuisines, and for this online Italian cooking class we selected for you a pure delicacy of the so-called cucina povera toscana. During the 1,5 hr online Florentine cooking class, Gaia will teach you live how to shape and cook this delicious winter dish. You will learn about the history of the Gnudi recipe and also get interesting insights about Italian cooking habits. Gaia will also share with you tips and techniques to help you create the magic in your own kitchen.

Gaia is a Tuscan tour guide specialized in food…let’s say…obsessed by food! When she was a grumpy child, the only way for Gaia’s parents to calm her down was a promise “we will take you to the restaurant!”. It sounds like a joke but it’s actually a true story 🙂 Gaia is also a passionate cook and wine lover, red wine lover to be more precise. She is a proud ambassador of the Italian Cucina Povera, which is in few words a home gourmet cuisine made up with “poor” products and leftovers. A passion that she can’t wait to share with you on her online Tuscan cooking class!

THE DISH – Gnudi ricotta e spinaci
Gnudi is a classic Tuscan recipe, simple and delicious! Gnudi or malfatti (“badly made” in Italian, because of their sloppy shape) are pillowy balls of spinach and ricotta, cooked in boiling water, just like pasta. However, they don’t have any pasta dough covering them, and this “naked” status is what makes them “gnudi”! The particularity of these Italian dumplings is their smoothness and the persistence flavor arising from the combination of spinach, ricotta, parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and nutmeg. Not just a recipe but a romantic poem! Why did we choose this recipe? We chose Gnudi for our online Tuscan cooking class because they are difficult to find in stores, and not easy to find in restaurants either! If you want them, you have to make them yourself! But do not worry, they are very easy to make if you have the right recipe and if you handle them gently.

The online Tuscan cooking class with Gaia is held on ZOOM. Once finalized the reservation you will receive an automatic email listing all the ingredients and cooking tools needed to cook along with Gaia. The entire experience lasts about 1,5 hr.

5.30 PM ROME TIME is =  11.30 PM in NEW YORK / 4.30 PM in LONDON
Feel free to request a new starting time!

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