Where to eat in Catania like a local!

We Streaties love travelling and love eating. As locals, we are aware of the importance of the right tip given by a local at the right time to the right traveller. “Where to eat” in a city is normally the biggest obsession for us.
My dear streaties, this is our short list of the best traditional restaurants to try in Catania, not just good restaurants but the top of  the pop restaurants beloved by Catanesi. If you are reading this blog post it’s probably because you have already joined our Catania street food tour and now you wanna try some more elaborate dish of Sicilian cuisine…or you simply googled “best restaurants in Catania”! Enjoy it!

We selected the best traditional food restaurants in Catania based on three basic criterias: authenticity of the place, quality of food, value for money.

Best traditional restaurants in Catania

La Vuciata
Via Gisira, 8

Traditional cuisine with top quality products. The owner Marco is obsessed by the quality of products to be used in his restaurants. Same attention is dedicated to the wine list, strictly Sicilian and mainly from Mount Etna’s vineyards. You will find major traditional recipes with a sprinkle of innovation. The restaurant is located in the heart of Pescheria market, so great spot for an exciting people watching. The staff is very kind! Highly recommended.

A Putia Do’Calabrisi
address: Via della Concordia, 185

Definetely our favorite place in Catania away of the city center. This is a not-to-be-missed place in Catania for all foodies and curious travellers. If you are searching for THE non touristy restaurants in Catania, this is what you are looking for. It’s actually an Osteria with wine barrels and all the rest. Everything is so purely catanese! The undefined queue outside sits on the scooters sipping killing-liver country wine, some puffing a joint, others just tapping on their smartphones. Wait for Santina to come. Santina is the sweetest nicest funniest host you’ve ever met in your life. And she goes like “find yourself a seat”, and “this is what we have today…”. We had memorable fried triglie fish and pork rind in tomato sauce! Dishes are seasonal. You should know that the area is infamous for being a bit dodgy. Nothing to worry about. Just like they say in Colombia “el riesgo es que te quieras quedar”. The risk is that you don’t wanna leave!

Osteria Antica Marina
address: Via Pardo 29

Antica Marina is commonly renowned as the best fish restaurant in Catania. Located in the heart of the Pescheria fish market of Catania, the Osteria Antica Marina is definetely one of the top fish restaurants in Catania. “Fish are jumping” sang Ella…”fish are baking” Catania replies. All fish is very fresh, the menu is very interesting, a perfect combination of tradition and innovation. You will dream of the capesante with tuna chips and pistachio cream for a long time!
I have to say that the spaces are quite narrow but waiters are good at tetris game! Good selection of wines, not very wide but satisfying. It’s very central, it’s very good and the waiters are smiley!

Trattoria La Canonica
address: Via Raddusa 7

Very humble but very decorated. We will pay you a dinner if you only found an empty spot on the wall or on any other surface! You won’t find it, give it up! 
This is the place you wanna go with a group of friends…that kind of group where Tom wants to eat fish, Marlene hates eggplants, Jennie is vegetarian and Michael only eats fried food. The menu will make everybody happy. La Canonica restaurant makes the best sarde a beccafico in the world, it’s definetely the not-to-be-missed dish in Catania. Fair regular prices. 

La Trattoria del Cavaliere
address: Via Paternò 11

All blogs titled “where to eat in Catania” will mention the Trattoria del Cavaliere. The place is huge and labyrinthine. The Trattoria is an institution in Catania. It’s very authentic. Catanesi love it as much as tourists do. Just focus on the rich selection of appetizers, pick something from the menu, take a sit, sip whatever wine they give you and enjoy it. Both meat and fish are very good. You can try the cozze alla catanese (mussels with oregano) but also delicious cipollata (bacon rolled around spring onion). The place might result a bit claustrophobic for somebody, so consider this. The waiters go fast, so don’t expect to be pampered. Avoid saturdays, too busy and waiters don’t have many reasons to smile. Prices are extremely fair.

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