One Mum, 30 family recipes

Mamma Streaty is happy to announce the publishing of her very first cookbook! “Mamma Streaty’s family recipes” is now online. 

Who is Mamma Streaty

Mamma Streaty, who’s real name is Maria Luisa Liotta, is the mother of Streaty’s founder Marco. A sweet 75 Sicilian woman born in the small mountain town of Capizzi (Province of Messina). Convinced by her sons, Mamma Streaty decided to write down her 30 top ranked family recipes! From the most classic Italian dishes to the most intimate family treats. Have you ever cooked or tasted an anchovy-flavored chicken? Do you know how high can the sweetness of Mamma’s Ricotta Passion lift you up? You don’t need to know, you don’t taste…you can simply make it yourself!

Mouth watering dishes

Appetizers, pastas, second courses of meat, vegs and fish will simply make you wanna cook more and more! Each recipe includes a short introduction with Mamma Streaty’s thoughts and stories. Recipes have been drawn for different number of people. Some easy pastas, like the Pasta col pesto alla trapanese (tomato, almond, garlic, mint, tomato and pecorino cheese) has ingredients and instructions to serve 2 people. Other more elaborated dishes, like the Involtini di pesce spada swordfish rolls list instructions to serve 4 people. Food is social, right? Mamma Streaty’s would make swordfish rolls for her own. The pleasure of sharing well cooked food is a fundamental asset of Italian cooking culture. If you cook something special…just share it with friends and family! 🙂

E-cookbook: What you’ll get

  • 30 authentic family recipes (7 appetizers, 3 desserts, 10 pastas, 10 second courses with fish, meat and veg)
  • Technical tips and notes to cool like a real Sicilian mum
  • Exclusive photos of real Mamma Streaty’s dishes
  • Designed for Apple iPad / Android Tablets / Kindle. Available also as PDF. 
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  • Contents in English language only
  • European measures in Grams and Kilograms

A Sicilian-International project

While Quarantine was bringing cancellations and frustrations. Mamma Streaty’s recipes were surfing the web from the Australian coasts to the British cliffs. Streaty is honored to have collaborated with Patrick Kilbey and Carmela D’Amore. 

Patrick Kilbey (Colchester – UK), a passionate cultured English food lover and former Streaty’s client, edited the contents. We needed a native English speaker to do this. We feel honored to have collaborated with Patrick for the publishing of Mamma Streaty’s cookbook.  Patrick Kilbey is a deep connoisseur of Italian food culture and he does know his stuff when it comes to write. 

The Sicilian-Australian chef, Carmela D’Amore, reviewed the first drafts in order to adjust the technical vocabulary. Beside being a professional chef and a lovely person, Carmela D’Amore is also a long time Streaty partner. Under the brand Carmela’s cucina cooking class she runs multiday food and cultural tours around Sicily.  Check it out!

Cook online with Mamma Streaty

The ebook is all you need to cook and delight your own and your family’s palate, but there is more! You can also meet Mamma Streaty online and cook with her! Yes you can! We run an online experience called “Cook Sicilian online with Mamma & Marco”. Go to our Virtual event page. You can connect in real time with Marco & Mamma and cook along! The experience lasts 1 hour. You can choose among a short list of recipes and, since cooking and eating is a social moment, you can also invite a friend to join in! Before you consider booking the Online cooking class with Mamma Streaty, make sure you have a bottle of wine home coz we are going to have a live e-toast! 

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