Foodie, Eatie, Streaty! We…food geeks!

FOODIE: a person passionate for food and drinks. A foodie feels genuine interest in food and all its forms, not only eating, but also tasting, smelling, cooking, knowing and challenging! A foodie doesn’t sit on the sofa waiting for the mama to bring a big bowl of spaghetti sauce. A real foodie moves around, tests the fanciest restaurants and the dirtiest trucks in his city just to draw his own local top ten list. A foodie travels around the world to discover exotic recipes and draw his own worldwide top ten list. A foodie isn’t a picky eater, pure adrenaline flows in his vein when it’s time to try something new…the newer, the weirder, the more creative…the better!A foodie has passion for cooking too, but he doesn’t always succeed. A foodie in Sicily would never miss a bite on the Palermitan spleen sandwich or on the Catanese cipollina: have you ever tasted it? If not, why don’t you book our street food Catania tour?

A typical foodie’s talk is: “mmmm….I love it. You know? In Tibet they make something similar called picchu wonch, oh man! The picchu wonch! you should go to Tibet man, you will love their crazy food!”. Needless to say that a real Foodie can’t but complete all Streaty Foodie’s Passports!

EATIE: he loves eating. Full stop..Is that it? Well, of course he does eat, he is a human just like us! but an eatie also literally abandon his senses in a sea of rich, juicy and abundant meal.

“This-is-a-Tasty burger. Big Kahuna burger!”! This is an eatie talk.

“5 f****** dollars for an oyster? Screw you guys, I’m going home!” This is an eatie talk too! 🙂

An eatie cries and bows down in front of a Sicilian shiny diamond Granita. The soft bun sitting beside the granita whispers love to his ears“kiss me eatie, kiss me softly”. An Eatie traveler in Sicily drowns in a sea of fresh ricotta.

Big Enigma! What can I cook if I have invited both a Foodie and an Eatie at dinner?  Streaty is here for you! Go to the Pescheria Market of Catania in late May, get a couple of steaks of red Tuna, a bunch of fresh mint and sea salt. Go back home before your guests knock at your door, unless you have a ring to bell. Grab a grill and warm it up, cook your tuna steak on both sides for no more than 2 minute each side. Leave it raw inside…that’s butter my friend! It will melt in your mouth and you and your foodie and your eatie will look at each other and fall in love with…well, you know this better than me 😉

STREATY: What’s Streaty? Streaty is a brand that runs street food tours in Sicily. We are a group of young foodie guides with a mission: taking foodies, eaties, walkies, talkies and drinkies around Palermo and Catania to enjoy the most authentic specialties and understand the local culture without filters of any kind. Being Streaty means being hungry and happy.

In few words, Streaty makes everybody full and happy! In four words: Stay Hungry Stay Streaty 😉

About Streaty_Staff

We are a group of Italian tour guides passionate about our culinary traditions. We happily share our knowledge and our tips with travelers in order to promote the authentic Italian cuisine.