Streaty: Street Food Tours of Sicily!

We are the pioneers of street food tours in Sicily.
Streaty guides lead food tours in Palermo and Catania giving travelers the chance to live
100% local experience. No tourist traps. For real foodies only! Join us and collect your Streaty foodie’s passports!

Our Street Food Tours!

Streaty Tours in Palermo

Palermo is worldwide renowned as a top destination for street food lovers. It is not a coincidence that Andrew Zimmerman, Rick Stein, Paul Hollywood, Anthony Bourdain and many other famous foodies flew a long way to battle our tasty streets. The uniqueness of Palermitan street food doesn’t simply lie in its variety and rich flavours, but also in the ability that every dish has to tell a historical chapter of the Sicilian capital. Streaty offers travelers the chance to discover Palermo in few steps and bites. Join the very first street food tour ever launched in Sicily! NatGeo Travel picked us to discover Palermo like a real local…are you in too?

Streaty Tours in Catania

The beauty of Catania doesn’t simply lie in its stunning baroque churches and the majestic presence of Mount Etna. This is just the surface on the top of a 2700 year old city. Catania is like a parmigiana: in each layer of lava, traces a different domination, different recipes, unique flavours. Take a time trip into the Catanese cuisine led by a Streaty guide. Going to Catania and missing a bite on the Cipollina is like going to New York and missing a selfie pic with the Statue of Liberty! Get on the Fish Market stage and be part of the show! Jamie Oliver’s magazine chose us to experience Catania, find out why!

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What We Offer

 We run walking tours around the markets and monuments of the city center giving travelers the chance to taste the traditional street food and live a 100% Sicilian experience. To achieve this, we keep small groups and stay away from tourist traps (we select vendors based on the quality of food and authenticity of the location).
Why choose us? We are the pioneers of street food tours in Sicily, We are fully licensed and we grant you the unique Streaty Foodie’s Passports!

What’s sicilian street food?

Sicilian street food consists of simple recipes cooked and served in the streets, such as  Arancina (rice ball stuffed with meat and tomato sauce), Cipollina (baked folded dough stuffed with mozzarella and fresh onion), Panelle (chickpea fritters), Sfincione (soft focaccia with tomato sauce), Stigghiola (veal intestine), Lung and Spleen sandwich! Nobody forces you to taste everything, coz food isn’t just swallowing, it’s first of all an experience!

Not only food!

Streaty itineraries are designed to offer a complete overview of local history, food and culture. As licensed guides we also provide travelers historical explanations in order to make them understand better the nude essence of our culture. Forget endless boring explanations topped with dates and numbers!  We keep a laid back and relaxed approach during the visit,sharing stories and legends not mentioned in guidebooks.

Small group policy

We want to offer travelers the “localest” experience as possible. Walking around in small groups facilitate the interaction among travelers, guides and vendors. Furthermore, we believe that certain spots shouldn’t be spoiled by mass tourism.
This is why we have a limit of 12 participants per group. ​However, larger groups can be arranged on special request. Read “Private Tour” for more information about.

Who We Are

We are a group of young tour guides, 100% Sicilian and 100% licensed.
Streaty is a brand born in 2017 following the former success of
Streat Palermo and Streat Catania tours, the first street food tours ever
launched in Sicily (2013) as an idea of Marco Romeo.

As Streaty guides ​our mission is to show travelers the real essence of a city without filters of any kind. We love traveling and when we do it we always hunt for the most authentic (and sometimes hardcore) food specialties. We believe that food is the beating heart of a culture, carrying in its flavours memories from the past and unveiling the most intimate secrets of locals’ daily life. ​We are 100% ​Sicilian, passionate about our native city and​​, unlike other competitors, we are professionally licensed in compliance with the Italian Tourism Legislation.
Be aware that many companies run tours hiring illegal guides. To avoid troubles with Italian police, make sure your tour guide carry the official red badge which reads GUIDA TURISTICA. Go safe! choose Streaty!

Meet the Tour Guides...

We are N° 1 in Food Category on Trip Advisor

Streaty Foodie’s Passport

Are you a real foodie but you don’t know how to prove it? With Streaty you finally can! You will proudly walk around the world and show an evidence of your successfull Sicilian food experience!
At the meeting point all participants will receive their personal Passaporto del Mangione (The Foodie’s Passport) on which the tour guide will affix the official branded stamp. One bite is enough to gain a stamp! No bite, no stamp!
The Passaporto del Mangione also makes a great souvenir, testimony of your tasty Sicilian experience, to take forever with you, in your heart and palate, the memories of the delicious flavours of Sicilian cuisine. The passport also includes the unique Mappa del Mangione (The Foodie’s Map)!

Please be aware that a company based in Catania stole our idea. They made their own copy of the foodie’s passport and partially used our drawings. The Foodie’s passport is our idea, choosing is your decision.
The Foodie’s Passport is an idea of Marco Romeo, the founder of Streaty.

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Who Chose Us!

Marco and the Streaty team are always happy to join TV shows and collaborate with travel journalists and food bloggers in order to promote Sicily and its cuisine. We also provide fixer services and put at your disposal our local contacts. In few words, we can make things happen 🙂

(Bake Off UK – City Bakes Series)

May 26th at 8pm on Food Network (watch preview)

(Long Weekends – BBC2)

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