€69 All included!

What’s included?

  • Guided walking tour
  • 6 wines
  • Food samples
  • 24 hr cancellation policy

Key information

  • From April to October / 6 pm
  • Piazza Pretoria
  • 3 hrs
  • Max 8
  • English only
  • Adaptable for vegetarians
  • 3-day cancellation policy

Tour description

The Palermo wine tour is a 3 hr guided walk around the shady alleys of Kalsa district, your tasty chance to discover the old arab district and enter the magic world of Sicilian wines! The walk starts from piazza Pretoria (downtown) and ends in piazza Marina. Along the Streaty wine tasting tour of Palermo, our Streaty guide will take you to three selected wine bars where you can comfortably sit and sip while learning about the producer, the characteristics of each single wine and many other interesting facts and curiosities: our street food tour in Palermo is something you should try once in a lifetime!
For our drinkies joining the Palermo wine tour we have selected a list of different high quality wines in order to offer a complete bouquet of Sicilian production. From vino spumante to rosè, from dry whites to structured reds.
Our wine and food tour of Palermo has been designed for wine and food lovers of any kind, you don’t need to be a wine geek in order to follow the guide’s talk. Nope, you don’t need to be a sommelier either to enjoy the Streaty Palermo wine tasting! As experts say “wine is good if you like it”.
Every wine is paired with Sicilian food delicacies, such as marinated raw fish, cheese, cold cuts and more interesting bites! The wine walking tour of Palermo is not only about drinking and tasting! Between a stop and another your Streaty guide will show you some hidden corners of the Kalsa district and discuss other topics, such as history and social issues.
A wine tasting tour in Palermo can’t but end with a sweet treat, cold dessert wine and almond cookies close the curtains on the last cin-cin! The Palermo wine tour gathers only 10 people in! It’s time to raise your glass and come join us, salute!

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