Taormina is the most popular tourist destination in Sicily and an ideal place to enjoy a well-deserved relaxing time. Sitting and people watching at a cafè is probably the most popular tourist practice. The suggestive panoramic street Corso Umberto magnetically keeps all tourists trapped between souvenir shops and touristy cafès. But that isn’t all folks! Taormina has a rich history and culture. Enjoy it the Streaty way! Let’s taste a bit of everything together: culture, art, history and of course…food and wine. Come join Streaty Taormina food tour!

Taormina Welcome tour (private)

Join our Taormina Welcome Tour, a wonderful trip into the city tasting all the delicacies and visiting the beauties of it!

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Why doing a Taormina food and wine tour with Streaty?

Taormina is a small touristy town and it’s easy to fall in tourist traps where food quality is very low and prices are very high. And this is why our Streaty guides step in the scene through the Taormina food and wine tour. Because we believe in the power of food as business card of a place and its culture.

We like guiding and we like sharing. We want to provide experiences carefully designed like a perfect menu, with an alluring promising intro, a tasty first course, a rich second course and a delicate final dessert. We like change of rhythm during a tour, with various moments to share, from a deep discussion on the ancient Greek culture to some interesting talk and laugh over a bottle of wine.

We will show you our favorite spots where to have some real street food, granita and sip some quality wine and cheese. We only select local bites, not global menus! The Streaty Taormina food and wine tour is what you need to plan the rest of your days with quality choices and full knowledge of the local culture.

What will I taste during the Taormina food and wine walking tour?

Taormina is a small town with its own interesting food culture. During our Taormina food and wine walking tour you will be able to taste all the most renowned specialties, those are definitely “sfoglia”, the almond granita paired with a soft brioche and the almond dessert wine. The baked “sfoglie” di Taormina have their own reputation. This local focaccia is stuffed in many ways enjoyable for both meat lovers and vegetarians.

It’s easy to find in cafès but where you find the best one? Of course, the best sfoglia is not on sale in the main Corso Umberto! Come join us! But what makes Taormina a satisfying foodie destination in Sicily is its location. The town of Taormina is situated in a very strategic position, perfeclty half way between the province of Messina and Catania. From the Messinese tradition you will find the baked pidone with cheese, anchovy and vegs (kind of empanadas). But also the eastern sicilian sarde a beccafico, two small sardines matched like a sandwich and stuffed with breadcrumbs, pine nuts, raisin and dipfried. Street food is always unpredictable, but wine and cheese are not.

The province of Messina, where Taormina belongs, is one of the best areas for the production of cheese and wines. The most popular red wine of the area is called Faro and it matches perfectly an aged full taste cheese. You are reading your future my dear foodie!

The main pedestrian street of the town magnetically keeps all tourists trapped between souvenir shops and touristy cafès. We will show you more than that, we will share tips and stories. Welcome to Taormina!

What will I see during the Taormina food tour?

Taormina was one of the very first Greek colonies in Sicily. The traces of the old Tauromenion are still visible and touchable in its bricks, and you will see them during Streaty’s Taormina food tour. The main historical attraction of Taormina is definitely the old Teatro Antico, a Greek theater built in 3rd century, lately used by the romans and now used by Sicilian to enjoy fresh summer nights with some good play or concerts!

The ancient theater is probably the most popular postcard of Sicily. Its location is quite unique facing the open sea and the gentle slop of the Vulcano Etna. Do not miss it. We Streaty guides can guide you inside the Teatro Antico and absorb together the energy of its golden times. You know, visiting an empty theater alone is a thing, doing it with somebody who can bring back to life those bricks and columns becomes an experience. Talking is fundamental part of our job but silence is mandatory in front of the unique view on the strait of Messina you can get from the walls of the theater.

History isn’t only in the theater. During our Food tour of Taormina we will also show you a hidden ancient roman garden, the Naumachie, nowadays used to support private houses built on the top of it.

Besides its historical attractions, Taormina is an attraction itself. Built on the top of a cliff to dominate the horizon. Taormina is the ideal place where to get lost. Explore the alleys taking you up and down, right and left in an intricate system of tiny squares, dead end alleys and nicely decorated balconies facing the open sea. Speaking by which, the bay of Isola Bella, at the feet of the cliff is a breath-taking bay to swim day and night.

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